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Diamond Forest Farm Stay is located just 10 minutes drive south of Manjimup. This location is perfect to provide guests with access to the best of the benefits of a larger township whilst being located within a farming environment and within close proximity to the tourist center. 

Provided below is a brief overview of what to see and do around Manjimup. For comprehensive information about the local area and its attractions please visit the Manjimup Visitor website along with any of the links provided below. For some helpful safe driving tips for our region translated into several different languages visit the Manjimup Shire website.


Manjimup Shire covers a very diverse region which not only includes the township of Manjimup itself but extends through to Walpole in the south and Pemberton in the west along with the township of Northcliffe and the coastal hamlet of Windy Harbour. Manjimup township offers everything you would expect from a regional center with plenty of cafes, various retail outlets including both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, a Visitors Centre, Post Office and parks of varying size. Manjimup is the central hub for the southern forests region therefore most things can be found within the shopping precinct.

Immediately around Manjimup itself there are plenty of things to do and see.

  • The Four Aces, One Tree Bridge and Glenoran Pool are all popular spots for bush walking and swimming in the warmer months and are only 15 minutes drive from Manjimup along Graphite road.
  • Manjimup Heritage and Timber Park is a fantastic family and pet friendly park with one of the best playgrounds in the south west. With free gas BBQ's and picnic pavilions to enjoy its a great place for a day out. There are two flying foxes and a very large freestanding slippery slide (17m)- great for the older kids- a castle, climbing ropes, swings and much, much more. Have a look at what others are saying about it here.
  • Fonty's pool out on Seven Day Road, just out of Manjimup, is very popular for swimming in summer and is also popular with photographers due to it's picturesque setting and historical significance in the region; with old timber slab buildings and colourful deciduous trees.
  • Just 10km south of Manjimup, and only 3km from Diamond Forest Farm Stay, you will find the Diamond Tree. One of only 3 remaining trees locally that were used as fire lookouts back in the early days to spot and warn townships of impending danger can now be climbed if you dare. The climb is approximately 50 meters via steel pegs driven into the tree's trunk. The view from the lookout platform on any of the trees is amazing and it is a unique experience in itself. The Diamond Tree, in the Diamond State Forest, is free to visit and climb. If you are keen you can even hike there through the forest from a track that begins right at our front gate.


Below we have included links to other attractions within the Manjimup area.


The Great Forest Trees Drive

Take a drive around The Great Forest Trees Drive in the Shannon National Park between Pemberton and Walpole and be awestruck by centuries old trees. This 48km nature-based tourist loop is suitable for the family car and follows a route along former logging roads, railway lines and strategic fire breaks through some of the most spectacular old growth forest in the Southwest of WA. It has some great walk trails and picnic spots and also has its own 'radio station' that you can tune in to listen to information about the Shannon's wildlife, ecology, history and culture.

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Swimming, Fishing and Surf Beaches

Much of the wild coast of the D'Entrecasteaux National Park is only accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicle, however conventional vehicles can access the park at Salmon Beach and Windy Harbour where you can still see the rugged limestone cliffs and find good swimming, fishing and surf beaches.

Travel a little further, past Walpole towards Denmark and you will find the stunning Williams Bay with the naturally occurring Greenspool that is fantastic for swimming and snorkelling in the warmer months. A short hike will take you to Elephant rocks which is a popular spot for photographers. Elephant Rocks is named after the large rocks that look like elephants bathing in the sea.

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Bird Watching

The South West of Western Australia is home to 13 endemic species including 5 cockatoos and parrots, the infamous Noisy Scrub-bird and the stunningly beautiful Red-eared Firetail. Conduct your own tour or contact Peter Taylor at Birding South West to design and personalise a tour especially for you. Peter's passion is bird watching, whether it is taking other birders to his favourite haunts or out on his own taking photographs of the wonderful avifauna of Western Australia. Peter designs and conducts bird watching tours primarily in the South West region of Western Australia but also in other parts of Australia by request. These range from half-day tempters right through to fully accommodated 16 day expeditions as well as personalised tours looking for particular species or to specific locations.

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The Southern Forest Sculpture Walk - "UnderStory" - Northcliffe

"UnderStory" is a fantastic adventure for adults and children alike. The 1.2 km walk circuit showcases the awe-inspiring Karri, Jarrah and Marri forest of the Northcliffe Forest Park and provides a forum for all to appreciate art in a unique and fun environment. Even for those who are not art lovers, a walk through the natural forest with exciting little "surprises" around every turn is a fun and refreshing way to be exposed to art. Understory is the first purpose built walk trail within Australia to permanently feature specially commissioned artworks (both permanent and some temporary) from a range of different art forms. The sculptures are located at varying intervals along the trail and it's interesting to note your own individual reaction invoked by each artwork. Each guest is provided with an MP3 player and a brochure as they enter this wonderful world, and through these media each sculpture is explained, as you come upon it, in a format appropriate to each age group. Children are enchanted by the stories of the artworks told by animals; and adults may be interested in hearing from each artist about the ideas behind their work; or maybe hearing associated poetry, prose or music. All in all, a fabulous family experience.

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Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk - Walpole

The Treetop Walk in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park between Walpole and Denmark is one of the "must see" icons on a visit to the Southern Forests. See the towering red tingle and karri forests as you walk over the suspension bridge and out over a deep, red tingle gully high above the ground amongst the foliage of the tall treetops. It is a marvel of engineering - the 420-metre-long steel-truss walkway built into the thick natural bush without damage to the environment. The entire walk is 600 metres long and the highest point is about 40 metres off the ground.

Only an hour's drive from Diamond Forest Cottages, the whole family can experience the excitement of exploring the canopy of the magnificent tingle forest which grows in a 6000ha area around Walpole and nowhere else on earth. The walkway is built on the side of a natural valley and as the valley slopes away, the walkway rises gently up above the forest floor on a grade suitable for children, the elderly, babies in strollers and people in wheelchairs.

The Ancient Empire is the second part of the Treetop Walk adventure. A board walk winds through majestic, antique forests suspended just above the ground to protect the root systems of the ancient trees. Nothing can compare to standing next to these awesome creatures hundreds of years old, the world's only buttressed eucalypts with elephantine trunks up to 16m in diameter. Occasionally they exceed even this immensity, as with the appropriately named Giant Tingle Tree, rising from a hillside a short distance out of Walpole, with a girth of about 24m. In days gone by, visitors could park their cars inside the Giant Tingle Tree for a quirky photo but fortunately for the trees we are a bit more environmentally aware these days!

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For additional information about what to see and do when staying at Diamond Forest Cottages:!__attractions

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